Key advantages

  •         Rich representation of data
  •         Interactive design of input forms
  •         Simplicity of data validation definition
  •         Efficient and easy to use tools for data cleansing
  •         Prototyping-like preliminary system testing
  •         Central registrar of statistical indicators to ensure data integrity
  •         Conformance with the international statistics standards
  •         Integration with contemporary data analysis and reporting software packages
  •         Integration with the industry standard security systems
  •         WEB access to statistical survey reports

InfoSTAR is a unique and complete solution for a dynamic generation of custom built systems for collection and processing of various statistical surveys.

InfoSTAR is a modern packaged application system for a dynamic design and generation of custom built applications for data collection and processing of statistical surveys. InfoSTAR is designed to be used by the end-user from start to finish and it requires no application programming, while dynamically generating a complete, taylor-made system for processing each new statistical survey.

InfoSTAR is based on principles set forth in the works of a world renown specialist in the field of statistics — Mr. Bo Sundgren.

InfoSTAR is designed for the use in both the state statistics organizations and in the organizations with complex multi-level org structures, with a need of producing statistical surveys. InfoSTAR ensures centralization, standardization of data, maintains data integrity of the statistical data, and provides an instant feedback for each participant department in the statistics organization.


Why choose InfoSTAR?

Ability to rapidly, without any application programming, and by way of an intuitive interactive user interface, deploy custom built statistical survey processing systems, makes InfoSTAR a one of a kind, unique and efficient statistical survey processing platform, which brings to it’s users ability to provide timely and efficiently support to the subscribers of the statistical reports.

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